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Hair transplant is way to get back natural hair at desired area of head or where ever is desired. One can get rid of baldness (or hair loss) through the technique of hair transplant.

For human being, it is common and normal to looses almost 100 hairs per day which re-grow in short time. But a good number of men face permanent kind of hair loss or hair thinning with the progress of age which is comprises of 85% men and atleast 40% of women.

Baldness affects not only the appearance but also influence the psychology of the person which results into lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Look effects a lot when it comes to professional life and social life in this modern era. Hair can be considered as natural ornament to human being.

The Procedures of Hair Transplant

Once hair roots are dead, no medicine or oil can grow hair again on the part where baldness is occurred. But now the technique of hair transplant has produced successful solution to baldness as the transfer of grafts or roots/follicles from highly dense area (donor area) to the baldness area (recipient area) provided the hair to the person. The procedural area results into hair growth like natural hair at that bald area.

Currently the technique which is most popular and considered to be best is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. FUE is most safe, scar-less and painless technique for the hair transplant practiced by our hair transplant centers in Mumbai. In this FUE technique single grafts are harvested using punches and transplanted to the required area. Procedure from experienced and well trained team results into head full of healthy hair.

Initially FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) also called strip technique was used for hair transplant in which grafts were harvested from strip taken from back of head, which in turn stitched back, leaving mark on the harvested area. Also this technique had some side effects and drawbacks. So FUE technique has replaced it and is preferred by most of the clients and only our experienced doctors are practicing FUE technique in rightway.

Why to choose us for Your Hair Transplant:

We are committed to re-establish confidence and self-esteem for those who have lost it due to baldness and looking for hair transplant from city of Mumbai. We are most preferred and recommended hair transplant centre in Mumbai with number of positive reviews from the beneficiaries to whom we have justified their decision to get transplant from our centre by giving them high quality hair transplant results under affordable expenses.

People choose our centre due to high credential of results, high qualification doctors and experience of our team. We have almost 3500 successful hair transplant to our credit as whole. Among all clients we have people of all age group comprise who are in 20’s to people in their 60’s from Mumbai.


Q. Can I get my natural hair back?
A. Yes, one can get hair back at bald area by the technique of hair transplant.

Q. After hair transplant, does hair grow like natural hair?
A.Yes, Hair will grow naturally and one has to get them trim as per his requirement like natural hair.

Q.Is hair transplant has any side effect?
A.No, FUE hair transplant don’t have any side effect known.

Q. How much does hair transplant cost?
A. Depending upon size of area to be transplanted for hair growth and technique used cost varies.

Q. Which technique you offer for people of Mumbai?
A. FUE Technique is most popular among all age group from those who enquire for hair transplant from Mumbai.

Q. How much time it takes for the procedure?
A. In most of the cases it takes single day (7-8 hours) for the surgery. But if required procedure may be continue next day or can be planed some day after some gap.

Q. What is the healing process & time after the surgery in FUE?

A. After surgery one may develop little swelling which takes 3-4 days to heal and in 7 days completely marks becomes almost normal.

Q. Will it is detectible?
A. No, after hair growth it is almost undetectable to detect procedural part of head or hair.

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